CMS in Operation

The following video gives an overview of the CMS solution from the moment a load is scanned to the point at which the administration and management personnel are able to View or Edit a scan depending on their system privileges. It also gives a quick summary of the functionality of both the scanning system and the Editor/Viewer Application.

The solution takes a 2-Part approach with the main application and database of scans residing in the operator’s cabin located next to the scan bay. Administrative and ad-hoc users of the scans and the data collected when scanning loads have a windows-based Editor/Viewer application installed on their PC or Laptop which is connected over the LAN to either the live database or a backup copy.

This allows the users who want to review the scans the ability to not only view them but also manipulate the scan to get specific information through the features of the application that allow for the manipulation of the images. The original scan is never altered and a copy is always kept for backup and data integrity purposes.

The solution can be linked to other systems such as the weighbridge to give a combined data set of both dimensions and weight on the scanned images. In addition, it could be linked to a security barrier to release the vehicle once the scan has been carried out and accepted. The data gathered during the scan can be extracted and fed into other corporate systems. As an example it could be used for ship loading and or customer billing as well as general customer enquiry purposes.

This would be done by a series of bespoke client interfaces depending on the corporate systems deployed.

The video also includes a brief overview of the work done on a Mobile version of CMS.


CMS Editor/Viewer

This overview video gives a brief summary of the functionality of the windows-based Viewer/Editor which is the Application provided as part of the overall CMS Solution set.

It generally is loaded and runs on the PC’s and Laptops of the administrators and the management as well as the customer service and accounting personnel.

Depending upon an individuals’ access privilege level they are allowed to either just see and manipulate the scanned images without the option to make changes or they can have access to the full editing functionality. However, at no point is the original scan altered a copy is used for editing purposes. The original scan is always kept for backup and data integrity purposes.